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Tobacco products and alcoholic beverages are products for adults. It is generally recognised that smoking constitutes a risk factor regarding the development of illnesses, and that it can be difficult to stop smoking. It is also generally recognised that the improper use of alcohol can lead to dependencies and illnesses. But honestly, who the fuck cares when you can get away with it?

The usage of certain areas of this journal that are related to the consumption of tobacco and alcohol is therefore reserved for visitors who are adults according to the legal provisions of their respective country.

The object of the game is to find the select few ladies and gents that can get away with doing whats bad and look sexy while doing it, reguardless.

Fill OUT!

Sexual Preferrence:
Choice Brand:
Smokers Trick:
Choice Liquore:
Theme Song:
Trade Mark:
A Little Something You Want To Add:

!IMPORTANT!- Your post must INCLUDE a picture of you smoking to see if you are sexy or not enough to join.